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School cop brass says band director was 'bully'

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Grady County's School Superintendent says there is no animosity over the arrest of the Cairo High Band Director Friday night in Albany.

Dougherty County School Police Chief Troy Conley continues to stand behind the arrest.

John L. Folsom, Junior remains on the job at Cairo High. He was arrested outside Hugh Mills Stadium Friday night for simple battery against a police officer.

Police say while stadium gate attendants were counting band members, Folsom directed his band assistants to go into the stadium, even though a uniformed police officer told them to wait until the count was finished.

The School Police Assistant Chief arrested Folsom after the band director grabbed the officer's arm and yelled at him.

"If he came to the stadium and put his hands on anybody that way, it would have been the same result. He just can't go around being a bully, putting his hands on people. Period. His behavior was outrageous, and it's not acceptable here in Dougherty County on any school property," said Dougherty County School Police Asst. Chief J. C. Phillips.

Grady County Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis says Folsom is still on the job because his arrest would not affect his working with students.

Pharis spoke to Dougherty Superintendent Sally Whatley by phone and insists the arrest will have no effect on how Dougherty County teams, students, and fans are treated when playing at Cairo High.

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