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Low gas prices are advantage to Albany drivers

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some good news that is sure to make drivers happy. Gas prices are going down. According to AAA, people filling up in Albany are getting the cheapest prices out of all the metro cities in the state.

Gas prices were $2.26 at the Chevron off Suart but they were $2.21 at Woodalls on North Slappy Boulevard.

Zelda Hillhouse is a home health nurse from Americas who travels to Florida and Alabama on a daily basis and she's filling up at Woodalls.

"I'm glad it's going down because I travel in 14 counties," said Hillhouse.

Hillhouse says she fills up with gas not once, not twice, but three times a week. On some days she travels about 200 miles on work assignments. So she says the cheaper gas really helps on the long hauls.

Ray Anguiano owns his own maintenance business. This week he filled up for $50, but last week he payed $60 which makes a difference since he uses his trucks for work everyday.

"it's good for me because I have two vehicles running for my business," Anguaino said.

Anguiano, like many other drivers, didn't really notice the small drop. Economist Aaron Johnson says that's normal.

"You know, we mainly realized the upward trends," he said. "It really hits the wallet more when you see prices jump up rather than jump down."

AAA reports the national average is $2.49 and the state average is $2.30. Economists expect this downward trend until the holidays come around. They also said the stabilization of the Middle East could also play a factor in gas prices over the next few months.

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