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GBI says officer shooting justified

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

There is new information on a weekend shooting and chase that ended in a three car crash with the suspect shot in the arm.

21-year-old Brondy Jackson is being held in the Mitchell County Jail on charged of theft and aggravated assault on a police officer.

Jackson was caught stealing from an East Mitchell County farm. When investigators issued a lookout at Albany Recycling Centers, they found their thief, but not before he tried to run down an investigator, was shot, and caused a three car crash.

 If you recycle metals like copper, brass, scrap aluminum, or in the case from Saturday a radiator, they automatically take your picture and keep it on file for law enforcement. It's likely why an Albany man picked up someone else to make the sale, but investigators had already alerted the recycler about his vehicle.

Sonny Lamberth was back working in the field Monday after catching an Albany man stealing a $1,300 radiator from another nearly new John Deere tractor Saturday morning.

"I told him don't move, don't take another step, course he didn't listen to me," he said.

He got a good description of 21-year-old Brondy Jackson, and called Investigators who just as quickly started checking Albany recycling centers.

"By him following up as quick as he did," said Mitchell County Sheriff W. E. Bozeman.

Nearly 10 minutes after stopping at Southeastern Aluminum Recycling, they got a call from the recycler alerting them Jackson was there with another man trying to sell the scrap. When the deputy pulled in Jackson took off, nearly hitting Investigator Kevin Sellers.

"The officer didn't have anywhere to go he was pinned kind of between the two cars," said Bozeman.

Sellers fired one shot, hitting Jackson in the arm. The recycler called Albany Police as the two chased out of the parking lot, along Broad and eventually to Oglethorpe and Loftus where Jackson ran the red light striking Mary James Ingram's Kia and then spinning into Mamie Mitchell's car waiting in the turn lane at the light.

"The officer had to make a call and he made the choice to pursue," said Bozeman.

In this case, the GBI says the investigators' actions were justified.When copper prices soared last fall Southeastern Aluminum added one more safety procedure to keep law enforcement in the loop. At the end of every week, they send an activity report to law enforcement across southwest Georgia with the names and amount of metal people have recycled.

The GBI does not plan to charge the man who attempted to sell the items to Southeastern Aluminum because he was unaware the items had been stolen. Charges for Jackson from the crash are still pending.

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