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Coaches learn how to lead teams off the court

February 8, 2003

Albany- MCLB Basketball coach, Jay Cordoba, is hitting the books with several other coaches trying to be better coaches and role models.

Cordoba says, "I wanted to attend Coaches Training so I could be better. These kids are so important to me, and I just want to do the best job that I can."

Cordoba says as a coach, he helps build a team and a family

Saturday, Cordoba and his team hit the court at the YMCA, hoping to catch a win. He adds, " I just want to use what I learned this week right here in this game."

Cordoba's sons are also on his team, and his wife, Debbie says her husband is an inspiration to all of these hoopsters.

Debbie Cordoba says, "He is so amazing. Each day I am amazed at how he leads all of these boys and girls."

Coach Cordoba will continue to show his team how to score points on the court and how to score in the game of life.

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