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Health care reform continues to ignite emotions

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) -  In Valdosta, First District Congressman Jack Kingston spoke with nearly 300 people at a town hall meeting.

Kingston says most people want some kind of reform but they don't want to lose the coverage they have.

Fred Deloach says he remembers his economics professor explaining to his class the value of a dollar.

"Then the professor exchanged that it represented labor and he who had worked had the dollar and he who had not worked did not have the dollar and I'm wondering why we taking 180 degree turn today,"  Deloach said.

Congressman Jack Kingston says health care costs $2.4 trillion.  "People are very concerned about the government forcing them to buy health insurance or forcing them to buy into the public option where they have to pay for the public option," Kingston said.

"I'm 66-years-old and we've been on a spending binge in this nation all my life," said one of the people in attendance.

One of the 250 people who attended the town hall meeting citizen said primary care doctors are being maxed out and if the health care reform bill is passed there will be consequences.

"45 percent of doctors in America will quit or retire," said one man.

The town hall meeting got a little heated when one of the community members said he hopes that when health care is approved or disapproved people will respect the President.

"Black or white I served under several commander in chiefs and I did not see or hear the hatred directed towards these presidents," said one of the audience members.

 "I don't see him as black or white, it's his policies I'm against,"  said Jean Johnson.

Like many in attendance, Johnson says she doesn't think the government should have control over health care.  "Let's don't rebuild the whole system. Let's do some targeted reforms and see what happens," said Kingston. 

Congressman Kingston held another town hall meeting at the Cook County Courthouse in Adel as well.

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