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School Board member puts information in public eye

February 7, 2003

Albany-  Deloise Colmon is an active parent of a junior at Westover High School.

 But even she was surprised at some of the information she learned by visiting a Dougherty County School Board member on the Internet.

Board member David Maschke has put just about anything you could want to know about the school system in one place. All the information comes from the Georgia Department of Education and from Dougherty County.

 "None of this information is information I have made up; it's all documented," Maschke said.

 But you could spend days trying to track down all the information on your own.

 Now, with a few clicks at the information is at your fingertips.

"We've collected it, assembled it, so that it's easy for you to read and digest and understand," he said.

 Here's just some of what you'll find:  only 36 percent of Dougherty County students qualified for the HOPE scholarship in 2001, Or you can see how many kids have failed or quit school since 1994.

But there's good news too.  More fourth graders are meeting state reading standards, and you can quickly compare that to students from around Georgia.

 "We need to let the public know what things have been improving, where test scores have been going up and what successes the school system is having," Maschke said.

Maschke spends a lot of time on this service project, but he also expects something in return.

He says he wants people to know what this school system's about, the good, as well as the bad. What he wants in return is for this community to quit staying out here, and get involved in what's going on in here.

"I do feel that the future of Dougherty County rests with the future of the school system."

 And Colmon says all of us have a stake in that future.

 "Once it's published, as parents, it would be an eye opener for us," she said.

 And now getting that eye opener is easier than ever.

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