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Horse whispering saves lives

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

NEWTON, GA (WALB) - Many animals are treated badly and some don't even get a chance to live. An Australian horse whisperer who visited the Rocky Bend Flint River Retreat near Newton turns many wild, unwanted horses into loyal animals that people can love.

Willow is a three year old wild Philly, and Joe Guy has tamed horses for more than twenty years. When you bring the two together, miracles can happen. Saturday, Willow was so untamed she wouldn't even walk up to Joe.

"We tried pulling her but she just wouldn't move," Joe said.

After two hours of a process called "greater fear," Willow now trusts Joe. Joe started by wrapping a rope around her body and brushed the flag over her back so that when Joe put on the saddle, she wasn't not scared.

"They say the horse is mad and crazy and they cannot ride it but I'm riding it a couple hours later and they just cant believe it," Joe said.

Ranking is the horse must happen from the beginning because it lets it know the owner is the boss. Then once the rider gets on the horse, it's important to have the heels facing down, legs straight, and good posture so that if the horse ever stumbles the rider won't fall forward.

Dylan Cody learned the same techniques from Joe. His 16 year old Palomino Sunny was wild just a few days ago, but now he's able to ride him for hours on trails.

"It was a great experience," Cody said. "In two days I've learned more than what I have in a year and a half."

Cody replaced a metal bit with a high quality rope one so it's less painful and more affective to lead his buddy.

"It's like a friend," he said "He's always there and he's like a buddy you can always ride."

Joe said he shows riders like Cody that training a horse is about trust, patience, and loyalty. Joe Guy will be taming more horses next weekend at the Lee County Ranch. Then he'll head to Arizona to promote his new book on his technique.

For more information on Joe Guy, click here.

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