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Albany man dies in home fire

February 7, 2003

Albany --Another fire death in Albany, the 4th this year. 52-year-old George Forest died of smoke inhalation in his apartment on Tompkins Avenue, near Dougherty High School.

Forest's 16-year-old daughter heard a smoke alarm and woke up. Food left on the stove started the fire. Firefighters pulled Forest out of the apartment through a bedroom window, but it was too late.

Albany Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief James Carswell said "We couldn't make entry into the kitchen area because of the falldown in the fire. We actually laddered to the second floor bedroom Went in there to where he was at. Brought him down the ladder. EMS transported to the hospital, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital."

Two other apartments in the building sustained heavy fire, smoke and water damage, estimated at over 100-thousand dollars.

George Forest is the fourth person to die in a fire in Albany in 2003. The average yearly death total since 1997 has been two.

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