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No insurance for owner of "vicious" dog

February 7, 200

Moultrie - When you think of a Rottweiler you may think of a vicious breed, but is it a possibility not all Rotweilers are mean?

One South Georgia man has a tough decision to make. His insurance company will not sell him a homeowners policy unless he gets rid of his four-legged friend.

"Getta" has been David Platter's best friend for three years. He says, "We just love being around each other. She goes just about everywhere I go." S he was born with a bad reputation. Platter explains, "She's an English Breed Rottweiler."

Platter bought a new home in Moultrie for Getta, and his two cats, but now he may have to say good bye to his Rottweiler. He says, "I cannot get Homeowners Insurance while having her on the premises."

Southern Mutual Insurance Company has a risk policy. Anyone who owns a potentially vicious dog is not eligible for Homeowners Insurance.

Harper and McCall Insurance Agency represents Southern Mutual. Insurance Agent, Bill Acuff, says, "The company is willing to keep him an insurer if dog is off premises." Acuff says a vicious dog is a personal liability. A bite could lead to a lawsuit. But every company is different. He says, "We are working to find Platter an alternative carrier."

Under the current company, Platter has one month to make a decision about Getta. Platter says, "I wish they did a case by case basis."

According to Getta's owner, she has never hurt anyone. Platter has two choices, either go without Homeowners Insurance or send Getta to a friend in Florida. He doesn't like either choice.

Other breeds listed on Platter's policy are Pit bull, Chow, Mastiff, Doberman and Akita.

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