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Special night for daddy's little girl

February 7, 2002

Albany-- Hundreds of men and their pint-sized dates are dressing for an evening out. The annual Daddy-Daughter dance is tonight and it takes a lot of preparation to get daddy and his little girl ready for the big night.

Kevin Hogencamp wants to look his best for his date, so he's getting a fresh haircut.

"Where are you and your daughter going tonight?"

Kevin says, "We are doing to the Civic Center to the Daddy-Daughter dance. It's the first time but we will make it a tradition."

Three-year-old Abby Hogencamp has been counting down the days to the Daddy-Daughter dance. Her father, Kevin, says, "Everyday we say 'How many days to the Daddy-Daughter dance' and then I'll say 'You know what in 3 days we get to go to the Granddaddy-Daughter sock hop' and she'll say 'No, it's a daddy-daughter dance."

The haircut is done, now it's time to find Abby a dress. Kevin asks, "What about that one? You want to try it on, you want to?."

Abby says, "It's mine!!!!"

But, will the dress fit??? The dress is perfect and this daddy and daughter are ready to dance the night away. The Daddy-Daughter dance begins at seven tonight at the Civic Center. Tickets are $25 a couple, and can be bought at the door.

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