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Here we go again, ATM thieves target IGA store

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TALLAHASSEE,  GA (WALB) - For the third time this week, bold relentless ATM thieves struck again. Same technique, same truck. But this time they crossed the state line and hit an IGA grocery store in Tallahassee.

And the crooks are still on the lose. Investigators believe they will keep it up until they are caught.

Here we go again. At 1 this morning the front of this IGA store on Woodville Highway in Tallahassee was destroyed.

By now the thieves have it down to an art. Watch as one bandit shatters the window jumps over the brick wall, wraps a chain around the ATM and gives his buddy a signal.

Instantly as the truck pulls away, the ceiling collapses tiles falling to the floor as the ATM is set free.

Then, combining their strengths, they pick it up, and casually hop out the window. Piece of cake.

"They have it down to a science," said Crook.

Something that worries investigators and regular IGA shopper Gallagher Crook.

"I think they've been watching one too many episodes of Point Break," he said.

Investigators believe the maroon dodge pickup is the same stolen vehicle used at an ATM theft in Grady county on Tuesday, and another one in Thomas county last Friday. Three hits in one week with no one behind bars.

"I just don't think they'll get caught, not for awhile at least," said Crook.

The dramatic ATM burglary is one of 4 reported in Tallahassee over the last couple of months. We've covered 5 in south georgia. And there are more reported in other Florida counties.

The big question is will the destruction ever end and what's it going to take to catch the notorious crooks.

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