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Tifton golf cart crackdown

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Now that golf carts can be driven around parts of Tifton, It seems almost everybody has their own opinion.

"I think they are pretty safe on residential streets but if they try top bring them on 82 or 75 or something like that. There could be a lot of danger involved in that," said Valerie Burr.

"I mean it can be dangerous I guess but in some ways it may even be safer for your younger crowd because they aren't in a high powered mustang," said Tifton resident Louis Stready.

City officials say allowing golf carts on city streets is supposed to make the city more neighborhood friendly, and increase fuel efficiency. But the mayor says some folks aren't following the rules.

"Just the other day I saw four little girls, not a single one of them could have been over ten years old, with no slow moving vehicle sign and no beacon that's supposed to go on it and of course they are not old enough to be driving," said Mayor Jamie Cater.

The golf cart ordinance, which can be found on the city's website, lays out specific rules which must be followed when driving a cart. But the mayor says some people haven't even registered their carts, and some aren't wearing seat belts.

"I  believe we can take care of it I would hate to go back in and the five of us on the council and take it off the books because its a good ordinance so we hope we don't have to go there," said Mayor Cater.

The mayor says, so far only verbal warnings have been issued, but soon police will start charging fines up to 100 dollars. The next step will be taking away privileges entirely from the driver.

Click here to view the entire ordinance http://www.tifton.net/Ordinances.html

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