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Students off to study space

February 6, 2003

DOUGLAS - Fourth graders at Citizens Christian Academy in Douglas are continuing with plans to visit Florida's Kennedy Space Center next month. They say they won't let the Columbia tragedy stop them.

Students in Ms. Hancock's class listened this week as she explained the places they'll visit, and why America has been a longtime leader in the space program. But the teacher is not trying to hide the Crash of the Columbia, it's on the bulletin board too, and she knows the children have been deeply affected.

Fourth-grader Mackenzie Sirmans said,  "When I was a kid, I used to love space... until the space ship crashed." 

Most students say they are still excited about seeing the rockets. Their teacher hopes it will be even more meaningful because of the tragedy. She says it's important they get to see first hand what they are reading about in the papers, and never considered cancelling the trip.

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