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Law enforcement target unsafe drivers

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

LOWNDES COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Law enforcement officers are stopping people who drive unsafe around trucks. 

Deputies, troopers and officers are also targeting aggressive drivers passing through Lowndes and Cook Counties on I-75.   

These are high risk areas for traffic accidents involving semi-trucks. 

Research shows the majority of fatal semi-truck crashes occur in the daytime during the weekdays  Unsafe driving around a semi-truck may not only cost you a ticket but also your life.

"We're out enforcing the laws with cars and trucks to make sure they safely interact together when they're on the roadways," Sgt. 1st Class Richard Shiver, Motor Carrier Compliance Division.  

The Georgia Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks program is known as GTACT. The last two days, law enforcement officers have concentrated on Lowndes and Cook Counties because of traffic crash data.

365 crashes occurred over the last three years in these counties involving commercial vehicles and cars or objects.

"This is a high crash corridor, Lowndes County is, and that's based on the amount of traffic crashes throughout the year," said Shiver.

This is the follow-up wave from the GTACT two-day event held in March. Officers are looking out for speeding, improper lane changing, tail gating, and those who are driving unsafe around trucks.  They're also inspecting commercial vehicles.  

"These couple of days we're working from Cook County all the way down to exit 13 Lowndes County I-75 Northbound and Southbound," said Darryl Jackson, Motor Carrier Officer 3rd Class.   

The Georgia Department of Public Safety says that every 16 minutes a person is killed or injured in crashes involving semi-trucks. Semi-trucks need twice the time and space to stop.

"Trucks take a lot longer to stop than a car would and the trucks need to be courteous and keep a safe distance from the cars themselves," said Sgt. Shiver.

Law enforcement officers say the ultimate goal of the program is to prevent traffic crashes. Shiver also recommends watching out for dangerous areas around trucks like blind spots.

Often you can see them but they can't always see you.

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