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Shooting in Cuthbert sends one to hospital

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A lunchtime shooting in the small town of Cuthbert sent one man to the hospital and locked down a college and the shooter is still on the run. Police aren't sure of the motive, but they know they need your help to solve the crime.

Cuthbert is a quiet town. The folks we spoke to, knew exactly where Lamar Burkes shop is and that's why they were so surprised by a shooting there today.

John Lewis couldn't believe the news. He said, "I've been knowing him all my life."

Lamar Burkes, a 62-year old mechanic, was working at his shop on Webster street when someone slipped inside his shop unseen. When Burkes walked back in, he was attacked.

Lewis said, "I was shocked. As nice of a person as he is, I thought nobody would do nothing like that to him."

But someone did. A brutal, vicious attack, with a goal to kill. Chief Wiggins said, "He hit him in the head with some type of device or something and after that, he shot him once and he ran back out of that same door and once outside of that door the guy shot at him four or five more times."

Fortunately Burkes ran away. So too did the shooter. Police say violent crimes like this are rare in Cuthbert.  Chief Wiggins said, "I don't know the motivation behind this, but hopefully we'll be able to catch the person that's responsible."

And bring that person to justice. Burkes was taken to the hospital by an officer. The police chief tell us he was alert and talking before he was then airlifted to a Columbus hospital.

Police have a vague description of the shooter. They say he's black with a tall and slender build. Anyone who has information about the shooting should call Cuthbert Police at 732-2323.

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