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When the Guard calls, cops leave, too

^ Policeman Willie Larkin ^ Policeman Willie Larkin

February 6, 2003

Thomasville - Not only are families hurting while they send loved ones off to possible war. Law enforcement is also hurting, they are losing employees.

Thursday, Thomasville Policeman Willie Larkin packed up equipment and took off for Fort Benning. Larkin is a Nuclear Biological Chemical Specialist with the National Guard. He's had to turn in his police uniform for camouflage.

Larkin says, "Some of its similar, dealing with people on a daily basis. Dealing with soldiers during drill weekend. Pretty much the same."

It won't be the same at the office. Including Officer Larkin, the Thomasville Police Department has lost one more officer to deployment and could loss up to five more.

The Thomas County Sheriff's Office has had two deputies deploy. Both departments are recruiting to fill vacancies, but those who were deployed will get their jobs back when they return.

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