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Flood waters should stay away from Albany

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - When the flooding started in North Georgia, people here in South Georgia immediately began to worry about whether it would affect us.

But the Flint River originates just below the Atlanta airport, south of the heavy rain and flooding.

And most of the rain runoff is being swept into the Chattahoochee River, not the Flint.

Woody Hicks from the Joseph Jones Ecological Research Center said, "we are going to see some river levels on the Chattahoochee that are higher than we've seen during modern time. Higher than we seen since those reservoirs were put in place in the 1950s."

As of Wednesday morning, the Flint River in Albany was at a little more than 8 feet. That's up about 2 feet from only a couple of days ago, but is well below the flood stage of 20 feet.

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