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Albany State gears up for homecoming

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany is gearing up for one of the year's biggest events in the city.  Every year, thousands of people come to town for Albany State University's homecoming, and they spend millions of dollars.

ASU officials say last year the event brought a whopping $4 million to the local economy and this year they are expecting it to bring in even more money to the Good Life City.

If you take a look around you may notice more traffic, hotels are full and restaurants are becoming busier. That's because folks from all over are coming to town for one of Albany's biggest events, ASU Homecoming. Last year more than 11,000 people came and this year even more are expected.

"We've been planning homecoming for a year now so we have had an opportunity to meet with the city with the local businesses and the hotels and the restaurants to remind them of our guests that our coming back home that will certainly need their services," said Wendy Wilson, ASU alumni affairs director.

Last year the event brought in 4 million dollars to the local economy and ASU officials are expecting it to bring in even more money this year .

"They understand that Albany State makes a huge and viable impact in this area and plays a big role in helping to sustain their bottom line and keeping them in the black so they are very eager to find out when homecoming is and what they can do to contribute to its success," said Wendy.

Many alumni like to take their family and friends back to their favorite spots. Jimmie's Hot dogs, located nearby campus, sells a third more hot dogs during ASU homecoming weekend than any other.

"What we do is usually get more stuff make sure we have everything we need we will go through and inventory everything see how much we need to get so we wont ruin out of anything," said Lydia Beach, employee at Jimmie's.

Employees at the Hilton Garden Inn say Homecoming weekend is one of their busiest weekends, and rooms fill up early on.

"When people check in for this homecoming this year they will go ahead and make reservations for homecoming next year so we start booking for the weekend at least a year in advanced,"said Robin Rojek.

Hotel officials also say staff work longer hours this weekend as well.

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