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Lowndes High uses posters for H1N1 education

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Lowndes High School is using a creative approach to educating students about hand-washing and H1N1 prevention.

Students used they're artistic abilities to fight germs in a poster contest. Christopher Cagle won first place in the Lowndes High School "Sink those Germs" poster contest.

"This is obviously the faucet and over here is the soap and I used different colors of paint," said Cagle. 

His preferred medium is drawing but wanted to try something new.

"I just wanted to try a different medium like paint, acrylic paint, actually," said Cagle.

His poster was the winner of 35 entries.

He won a $50 gift card from Wal-mart and a few other prizes.

"We're just trying to remind them to keep their hands washed and keep their hands away from their faces," said Laura Rowan, a school nurse.

She says these are the number one ways of preventing the spread of viruses. When you enter Lowndes High School, on every hallway, there's a message to students to wash their hands and fight germs.

The cheerleaders have hung signs around the school and soon the posters from the art contest will also serve as a reminder of good health practices and preventing viruses like H1N1.

"We did have a few confirmed cases but most of these kids got over it relatively quick," said Rowan. "They've been allowed to come back to school once fever is gone for 24 hours without medication."

She says the school clinic was very busy three weeks ago with students coming through with flu-like symptoms.

"How many went to the doctor and were confirmed, we don't know but we seem to have slowed down now. So we're hoping the fear and scare of it all is over."

She says the slowdown may be a sign that indeed students are washing hands more, arming themselves from germs.

Sarah Marcotte was second in the poster contest and Jaren Whitmer was won third. They were awarded gift baskets by Principal Wes Taylor. The contest was open to advanced art students.

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