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Normal blood levels a week off

Febraury 6, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- The Georgia Hospital Association says hospital blood supplies will not return to normal levels until the middle of next week.

Hospitals in Georgia and Tennessee are slowly replenishing their stock as health officials investigate the cause of contamination by white particles in blood stores last week. Some blood supplies in Red Cross regions in Georgia and Tennessee were quarantined last week, when a total of 120 units of blood were found with white particles.

Test results expected yesterday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to identify the particles were not released. CDC spokesman Dave Daigle says its unclear when the results will be announced.

Blood supplies have been affected from Florida to parts of southern Illinois, southwest Kentucky and eastern Missouri. Previous tests found the particles were not caused by an infectious agent, and Georgia health officials have found no adverse effects among patients who have recently received Red Cross blood.

Bag manufacturer Baxter International Incorporated says their tests indicate the particles are natural components of blood and are not caused by the bags.

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