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Cancer kids share their artwork

February 6, 2003
by Ed Yeates

Park City, Utah-- Kids with cancer had an opportunity to forget about their disease as they took a trip to the slopes of Utah. The kids are battling various stages of cancer, but it was time to forget their ailments if only for the moment, and do something most have never done before.

Cancer has taken part of what 17-year-old Eric Cordero was. "I've never skied before you know, so this whole thing, the whole area, the whole thing is different. But you have just got to get used to it and try your Best."

Eric and 11 other kids from the M. D. Andersen Cancer Center at the University of Texas. "I've never been up here and I've never seen so much snow at once. So it's really exciting, a good feeling," Eric said.

Some kids are seeing snow for the first time. Steve Rael's bone cancer is not under control yet, but still, "It’s doing better."

Better enough to stand on the one leg he has left and do something different. "It just feels cool to ski and just have fun." These kids came here because friends back home make all kinds of artwork like this that's used on products.

All profits come back to the M. D. Anderson center to fund trips for cancer kids, just for the fun of it. "Made a lot of good friends, staying up every night playing cards and watching Movies and stuff like that," Shelby Robin, a friend to patients says.

One class act was 12-year-old Michael Ames. Though a brain tumor has blinded him, that didn't stop him from feeling the sensation of the snow. With help from guides, Michael sees not with his eyes but with movement and smells and feelings. "At first it's scary but you get used to it after a couple of days and it's great. You feel the air against your face. It feels really good, actually."

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