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Woman leads police on high speed chase after burglary

February 5, 2003

Albany - It started as a burglary, turned into an armed standoff and then into a high speed chase down a busy Albany road.

The tense situation ended peacefully after police talked suspect Holly Humphries into surrendering.

Albany Police say Humphries broke into her boyfriend's gun shop, Gun Works on Baldwin Drive, and got away with several guns. A short while later, she returned.

Officers attempted to stop her vehicle but "Were not able to get her pinned in as well as they wanted to because she was armed," Major Karen Majors said.

Humphries waved a gun at officers and refused to get out of her car. While police waited for a negotiator, she took off, leading Police on a chase that lasted for a couple miles.

"They cornered her over there on Meredyth Drive," Majors said.

Officers stood guard with guns drawn as Majors talked to Humphries. "I talked to her for a while and she gave herself up," she said. When police got Humphries out of the car they took her to a waiting ambulance. She was checked out at Phoebe Putney Hospital.

No one was hurt in the stand off.

Now, Holly Humphries is in the Dougherty County Jail. Police charged Humphries with aggravated assault and burglary but they say they'll likely add other charges, including traffic violations after they finish the investigation.

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