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ATI dig finds historical artifacts

February 5, 2003

Albany--As construction continues on the new Riverfront Center in downtown Albany, a number of interesting artifacts have been dug up. While they build the future skyline of Albany, Construction workers are keeping historic reminders of it's past.

"These shells came out of boulders, and they have been under the sea." Edith Wilson is Holder Construction Company's field processor. But she is also doubling as the site's artifacts collector.

Wilson said "I didn't realize the Flint River was so full of Flint. I started picking up pieces of it, and got the carpenters to build me a table to keep it on."

And when something is dug up, it's given to Edith. These bottles, arrowheads, fossils and such were found during construction of the new Riverfront Center. Wilson said "And it's just fun, seeing history. That's what it is, part of history."

While the construction of the Rivercenter continues, the collection of interesting items grows. Wilson said "It's a Big Ike. I've never heard of it before. But you can tell it went through some really extensive heat, slow heat. Because it squashed the bottle."

 The construction company is excited about the Rivercenter, but they are enjoying learning about Albany's past. Wilson said "I can come in here in the mornings, and all of the sudden I have something new, and it's just fun."

The Rivercenter is scheduled to be finished in May 2004. Edith Wilson hopes pieces of her collection will be kept on display in it.

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