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Man found in River Slashed and Stabbed

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Investigators now say the man whose body was found in the Flint River Wednesday afternoon was murdered.

Autopsy results show that 52-year old Willie Haggines was stabbed and slashed to death.

Investigators are asking for your help to track down the killer. Willie Haggines' body was found by fishermen in the Flint River south of Albany, Wednesday. Now Investigators say they need your help, because they have almost no other information in this murder.

Investigators say the autopsy shows 52 year old Willie Haggines died a violent death and was dumped in the river.

Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek said "There were multiple stab and slash wounds to the body that have been identified by the Crime Lab in Atlanta."

Haggines body was found in the Flint River near the old Radium Springs Golf Course by two fishermen Wednesday afternoon. Police admit they don't know anything else, where he was killed, when, why, or most importantly, who did it.

Cheek said "we have no idea what led to this. There is no report of any kind of altercations. Mr. Haggines had no history of criminal activity. There is nothing."

Haggines was last seen by friends Saturday afternoon in the Four Points area near his home on Mobile Avenue at Moultrie Road.

 Keacious Clark said "I knew it had to be murder, though. Cause Willie, he didn't hardly go to the river that I know of."

Haggines was a long time customer at Clark's store, and he said he has no idea why anyone would kill him.

Clark said "He didn't bother nobody. Sure didn't. He had some friends, go over there and drink a beer or two with them."

His friends say Haggines was last seen walking home Saturday. Police say he was wearing a green T-shirt with a church logo, blue pants, and brown boots. Now Investigators ask that anyone with any information about him to call.

 Cheek said "We don't know where the actual crime scene took place. And we are seeking any information that the public may have."

This is the fourth murder in Dougherty County this year.   The first three were in the city of Albany.

Today investigators continued searching the banks of the Flint River, both north and south of where they found the body, looking for any clues that may help them in what is now a murder investigation.

If you have any information, call the Dougherty County Police at 430-6600,.or the Albany Police at 431-2100, or the Sheriffs Dept at 430-6500. All three agencies are working on this case together.

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