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VSU co-ed's T-shirt draws national attention

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A Valdosta State University student's T-shirt design earned her national attention and a trip to a rally in Washington, D.C.

The shirt was Ashleigh Kenny's way of protesting health care reform and government growth.  When she gave one to Representative Jack Kingston, the National Tea Party organization got word, and invited Kenny to speak at their big rally.

"It was one day when I decided to sit down and make a T-shirt I knew a tea party was coming up, and I made the shirt because that's what college people do, wear T-shirts, and I made it so I wouldn't have to carry a protest sign." said Ashleigh Kenny.

She gave Congressman Jack Kingston a T-Shirt with the words "R.I.P., the U.S. Constitution" when he visited Valdosta State University for a town hall meeting on August 3. The National Tea Party organizer got word of Kenny's activism and asked her to speak at the March on Washington last week.

"When it takes a thousand pages to run our health care and that doesn't explain it that's a problem," said Kenny. "The constitution is way less in length than that."

People from all over the country protested in Washington on September 12. Some of the messages portrayed were that government has gotten too big and people's voices too small.

Dr. James LaPlant, VSU's College of Art and Sciences Dean teaches political science and he's excited about Kenny's political activism.

"Voter turnout is still lowest among 18 to 30-year-olds," said Dr. LaPlant. "Anytime I see our students active in politics energetic in political issues that's something to celebrate."

Ashley is working with others she met in Washington to form another group called Operation Uproar. She's hoping to get more people in her generation involved.

She is a 21-year-old junior and english major at Valdosta State University. She has no plans after to go into politics after graduation.

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