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So. Georgia Wildcats future still cloudy

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - City officials haven't received any answers from the team on whether they plan to stick around for another season.

The Wildcats allowed a contract to die on the table September 1st. Now, if they want to stay, they'll have to renegotiate.

Meanwhile, at least three other groups have approached the city expressing interest in forming an alternative team to the Wildcats. 

"Well, unfortunately, there's still a bit of an information vacuum on the team," said Assistant City Manager Wes Smith. "I spoke with Ryan Nolan yesterday. They have made their application, as I understand to be in a newly formed league, but no final decision from league management has come forth so until that does occur, we can't really discuss a contract."

An announcement by the Wildcats is expected sometime next week.


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