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Dana's a Dawg

February 5, 2003
by Dave Miller

Albany- With the words- "Aww, y'all know what it is..." Dougherty High's Dana Graydon pulled a Georgia Bulldog ball cap from his lap and onto his head in his school's auditorium Wednesday morning.

As his schoolmates cheered, and his mother and sister looked on, the prized linebacker recruit grinned broadly.

"I want to thank Georgia for offering me this scholarship," Graydon said. "I don't have much to say, but I'm a very happy man right now."

"My mom doesn't have to pay for me to go to school, and that's the biggest joy. And I just thank y'all," he said to the assembly. "Just thank you ..."

Graydon said he made up his mind at midnight Tuesday. He said the unity he saw in Athens was a key factor. "The team, the way they were all together, and the love they showed me when I went on my visit, and their facilities. The next factor was that they had the number one recruiting class in the nation."

As for the prospect of playing for an SEC title between the hedges? "It's the best feeling in the world. Words can't explain it."

On the future of Georgia's program- "I think it's going to explode. I think it's going to another level, even higher. It's going to another level."

On upholding the Dougherty tradition of excellent play, and following Darrell Smith's example at Georgia Tech- "I definitely will work hard, and earn playing time. If not as a freshman, then I'll still have four years. And I want to be better than Darrell..."

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