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Humane Society honors "Hero"

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Humane society held a memorial service and a  blessing of animals to honor a service dog who died this week. It was a time to morn the loss of a canine who spent years helping people around south Georgia and a day to celebrate the legacy he left behind in his paw tracks.

The Albany Animal shelter adopted out Hero 13 years ago, and people there say they'll miss a loving friend who stood for many good causes.

Dozens of people brought their animals to the Albany Humane Society to remember Hero.

 "There's not another dog like hero," said Humane Society Director Donna Strickland.

Strickland said Hero was a rescue dog who brought smiles to children and adults who promoted spaying and neutering pets. Pedigree Dog Food even named Hero National Service Dog of the Year.

"He was the kindest gentlest soul and being a shelter pet and he got a second chance, Strickland noted. "Unfortunately there are dogs that come in here that don't get that opportunity."

The Albany Humane Society takes in about 500 to 600 animals a month. Many are euthanized, but  humane society members encourage people to help reduce that number by adopting a shelter animal.

Joy Sheckles adopted Princess Grace and Prince Charles. They were rescue dogs just like Hero. She knew Hero and she remembers Hero's dignity too.

"He had cancer and he was a real hard working dog," Sheckles remembered.

Everyone at the shelter, even the animals were touched by a canine full of grace, and people  say they'll never forget such a sweet friend. 

Anyone wishing to honor Hero's memory is encouraged to make a donation to the Albany Humane Society. People may also donate to the Delta Society which played an important role in Hero's life.

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