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Valdosta man gets unique home

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A Valdosta man, whose house burned in February, is getting a new home. Leon Jefferon's new house is unique.  

It's a Katrina Cottage Style home and the first one in Valdosta.   

Leon Jefferson and his uncle Bobby Jefferson were asleep the morning Jefferson's house burned in February.

"They said Leon get up you're house is on fire so I said "okay, okay," said homeowner Leon Jefferson.

 He thought it was a bad dream. Neighbors were knocking on his door.

"He said you're house is on fire and I started reaching for my door and when I snatched it open fire came in and I went under the fire," said Jefferson.

Jefferson was able to get himself out of the inferno and also rescue his uncle from a bedroom window.

His son, was not home at the time.

"Well it's interesting you say that because that's exactly what happened I heard the explosion," said Richard Joyner, City of Valdosta neighborhood development division.

The explosion was an oxygen tank Bobby used to treat his pneumonia.

Bobby, Leon, and Leon Jr. have lived with family members until the brand new house is complete. Contractors were dry walling today as the home quickly approaches completion.

"I'm happy, said Jefferson. "I'm really happy, yes." The City of Valdosta neighborhood development division hired the contractors for the job.

Lowe's provided all the building materials.  The Katrina Cottage style home fits in with the character of this neighborhood.

This part of town is classified as a historic district. This is Valdosta's first Katrina Cottage Style home.

Lowe's started building these for those who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina.

"It was an affordable way to replace their homes and then Lowe's said let's offer this to the different places across the country that need affordable housing," said Joyner.

Housing that will become a new home to this displaced family. The $70,000, three bedroom home is expected to be finished in time for Thanksgiving.

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