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Lawmakers want to bring back grocery tax

February 3, 2003

Albany- Buying groceries and counting out money is a regular routine for everybody, but if some state lawmakers have their way, Georgians may be digging a little deeper into their pockets.

Legislators are discussing bringing back the state tax on groceries in addition to the local 2% tax already put on food items in many counties. Many South Georgians say no to the idea.

Joe Magyor says the tax is unfair to people living below the poverty level, and says lawmakers should tax something else if they have to balance the budget.

One shopper said he was against the extra tax, until he heard that the expected $700 million the food tax could bring in would be used to offset a tax cut for homeowners.

Even if lawmakers approve the plan, you'll have the final say so. It would have to be decided in a statewide referendum.

The bill proposed in the House today would bring back the tax beginning in 2005. Georgians haven't paid state sales tax on groceries since 1998.

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