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Perdue trimming budget and waistline

February 3, 2003

ALBANY -- Helen Dixson laces up her tennis shoes for one of her daily walks. She's a state employee, and also the chair of Albany's 10,000 steps program.

"If you work at a desk or a computer it's difficult to get your steps in, spend day sitting most of the time." Working for the health department, she's lucky she gets two wellness breaks a day, so she can improve her own health. That's not true at all state offices, but it may soon be, as Governor Sonny Perdue will issue a challenge to state workers, and elected officials to get in shape.

The challenge came down when Perdue got on a scale and didn't like what he saw. But Dixson says it's about more than just weight loss, proper diet can help prevent chronic disease, and watching how far you walk can help your heart,

"It's a muscle, just like any other, work it, and it gets stronger."

That's important for everyone here in the peach state, because right now only one in four Georgians qualifies as regularly active, something Governor Perdue hopes will soon change.

Some simple ways you can increase your own physical activity, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or park a little farther away at the grocery store or mall.

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