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More bad blood found, this time in Tennessee

February 3, 2002

Albany-- More trouble for our nation's blood supply. Now those mysterious white particles have been found in blood in Tennessee.

Safe collection bags are being used for blood donations at the Albany blood bank. The contaminated blood from Georgia and Tennessee was collected in the same type of bag produced by Baxter. Those Baxter bags have been removed from the Southwest Georgia Blood Bank and the hospitals in our region.

Donor Recruitment representative Patsy McMath says, "We have been using some bags from Baxter. Other regions are in the process of using newer bags. We will begin training this week on the new bags and they will be available on Monday."

Lab technicians in Albany will begin training to use the new blood collection bags on Wednesday. Blood is in short supply, and people are asked to make a donation this week. Southwest Georgia hospitals have some untainted blood in supply and will be given more in emergency situations.

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