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Free oral screenings

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February 3, 2003

Albany -- If you drink a number of alcoholic beverages a week, or are a tobacco user, you are in greater danger of Oral cancer. About 7 percent of all cancer cases in Southwest Georgia are in the mouth, gums, or jaw.

This month several dentists in the Albany area are offering free oral cancer screenings, to try to protect you from this serious disease.

 Dental Hygienist Jessica Hay performs an oral cancer screening on patient Polly Whittle. Hay said "The most common site for oral cancer is the very base of the tongue."

Most dentists give oral cancer screenings to their patients during most visits. But many Southwest Georgians never go to a doctor or dentist, and that puts them in danger. Dr. Carl Findley said "Any type of infection or inflammation in the mouth is picked up via the bloodstream, and distributed to body parts like the lymph nodes, liver, kidneys."

In February several Dentists will give free oral cancer screenings to anyone. Smokeless tobacco users are strongly suggested to take advantage. Dr. Findley said "It changes the makeup of the soft tissue then . It starts to become wrinkled, white, patchy looking, which is pre-cancerous."

 Dr. Carl Findley gave the free screenings last year. Of the 40 patients checked, 2 oral cancers were spotted. A high percentage that Dr. Findley says shows why the screenings are so essential. "If they are picked up early they are treatable. And they don't cause people to lose half their jaw, half their face to radical surgery."

Polly Whittle's oral cancer screening brought good news. Hay said "Ms. Polly, everything looks good. Everything looks within normal limits."

February is Dental Health Month, and all month Albany Dentists will be providing the free oral screening.

  • Drs Bush & Margeson- Leesburg--888-3550
  •  Dr. C.E. Findley- Albany-- 435-1726
  •  Dr. Alan Ford II- Albany--436-7231
  • Dr. Sonya Glover- Albany --883-3443

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