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Shrine monument may include Columbia

February 3, 2003

Albany-- A monument commemorating America's two other space exploration tragedies could soon include Columbia.

The monument in front of Albany's Hasan Temple honors the seven astronauts who died in the Challenger explosion and the three Apollo astronauts who died on the launch pad.

It was designed by a Pelham shriner in 1987. He's since moved to Florida. Other shriners are trying to reach him to see if they can add the names and faces of the seven Columbia astronauts.

"It's amazing person would put themselves in position like that, like going to war, never know if they will come back," said Shriner Paul Williams.

The Apollo/Challenger memorial was moved from its original location a few years ago to protect it from street debris. The Shriners are inviting people to pay their respects there and will soon invite school children for tours.

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