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More So. Georgians deployed

February 2, 2003

Bainbridge- "I'm ready to go do my job," says Sergeant Eugene Shaw.

He isn't the only member of the 1230th Transportation Company ready for the road ahead which could possibly lead to war.

"I'm ready to go. I got a job to do. When Uncle Sam calls, I got to go see him," adds Sergeant Sammy Green.

The unit may be prepared, but what about the loved ones they leave behind.

"They've been preparing me the entire time. I represent the state of Georgia on the state appointed committee and its called the Georgia Family Advisory Council. So, its hard when this unit does anything, but I don't just represent this unit, I represent a lot of units. I was at the deployment when they went to Bosnia, but it was a lot different from this deployment because this was personal," admits Linda Jones, wife of J. B. Jones.

Talking with others and most importantly God is what some say keeps them strong. "I know that these things are gonna be, and I know prayer will do it if anything will do it, prayer will," says Clara Jones, mother of J. B. Jones.

"If I didn't know God I couldn't go through with this. He is my strength; He is my everything, and I just call on God just to help me. This is something new to me, but God can help me through it," says Pastor Larsie Allison, wife of Sergeant Anthony Allison.

As the buses pull off these family members will be clinging to God and each other for the unit's safe return.

The transportation unit moves supplies and troops. The troops are headed to Fort Bragg for two weeks of training. From there they aren't sure where they are headed. They could be gone anywhere from a year to two years.

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