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Dougherty Co. Taxpayers Assn. backs two candidates

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The outspoken Dougherty County Taxpayers Association promised to put up candidates to oust Albany and Dougherty County leaders.

They couldn't find any of their members to run for office, but they are now backing two city commission candidates.

"They want responsibility, transparency and accountability in government," said Terry Heart, Ward 5 Commission Candidate.

Heart is running for the ward five seat against Bob Langstaff.

"We need expertise in the handling of government funds," said Heart.

He says his more than 30 years of executive and management experience will help him run the city. He signed an agreement with the taxpayers association and says he was spurred to run by one commissioner's criticism of that group.

"The thing that put it over the top is when he called the group terrorists, anytime a group of citizens voice their concerns and they're referred to as terrorists, I have a problem with that," said Heart.

"The object is to get people to support you that have the best interest of the city at heart, it's fair we hear what they have to say," said Christopher Pike, Ward 3 Commission Candidate.

Pike is running for the ward three commission seat begin vacated by Morris Gurr and has the group's support.

"I was going to run before I met with the group, and I met with them as I would any group," said Pike.

Pike hasn't signed the contract with the taxpayers association but says he will work for all citizens and push for more development downtown.

"We need to work on the residential areas, because business will come where there are people who have disposable income and need their products and services," said Pike.

"Running a city is an art and at this point I think we need a little art appreciation and by that I mean accountability, responsibility and transparency," said Heart.

And with the support of all citizens both hope to make Albany a better place to live.

"They're improvements that need to be made and that would probably be true after I leave office," said Pike.

Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard is running unopposed; she has met with the Taxpayers Association but did not sign their contract.


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