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Albany residents react to shuttle explosion

February 1, 2003

Albany- No one ever thought that Shuttle Columbia would go down after sixteen days in space, and while it happened thousands of miles away, an Albany visitor has a lot to say about it.

Robert Dean works at Lockheed Martin in Cape Canaveral, Florida as a launch service mechanic. He works on shuttles that leave NASA and knows the fuel and debris from the Shuttle Columbia is very toxic.

Dean says, "If that stuff hits your skin, it will be dangerous for you."

Dean says every time a shuttle launches, astronauts take a major risk, never knowing how the mission may end.

Many people at Third Base Sports Bar couldn't take their eyes off the TV screen as they heard the news, and they say Shuttle Columbia brought back memories of the Challenger that went down in 1986.

Many onlookers know the pain is just beginning for the seven astronauts killed in the explosion. Robert Dean did not work on the Shuttle Columbia before it was launched.

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