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13 year old Makes a Wish

February 1, 2003

Albany- Christopher Linkhorn is just like any other 13 year old shopping with his mother. He wants shoes, video games and CD's, and with $2,000 to burn he can get it all.

"I wished to make a wish, but it never came true, so I got a wish that I wanted and now its true," says Linkhorn.

Christopher has sickle cell anemia and through the Make a Wish Foundation he's going on a shopping spree.

"His doctor in Atlanta sent in the referral for him to be on the Make a Wish list, and he was approved," says Robbie Nelson, of the Make a Wish Foundation.

Of course buying anything and everything would make any kid sing, but Christopher's keeps his spirits high everyday.

"I just think the right thing. I just pray and think positive," adds Christopher.

The middle schooler is very close to his family, and he even budgeted his money to buy gifts for his mother and sister.

His mother says prayer and the kindness of others helps keep the family going when times are rough.

"This is one happy day. This is a smile he'll probably go to sleep with on his face," laughs his mother, Robbie Linkhorn.

The Linkhorn's travel to Atlanta every month for Christopher's blood transfusions. His mother says having such caring doctors make the treatments easier.

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