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Another car stolen, crushed

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Another case of a car crushed without the owner's permission. It's the third recent case we know about, and the Albany Police Department is investigating more potential cases.

Cars are being stolen then sold and crushed without the owner being notified. Marvin Grace was watching WALB news 10 last week, when he saw the story of Michael Allen's car being stolen, and then crushed, here at Automotive Core Supply in Sylvester. It's a story he knows well, because it also happened to him.

Marvin Grace used to own a 1991 Plymouth Voyager Van, his only mode of transportation. He had just bought a new tag and tires for the vehicle. Then one day, It broke down. He called a friend to pick it up, but by then it was gone.

Grace said, "My immediate reaction was, something is wrong."

Very wrong. His van had been stolen. He eventually found out it had been taken here, to Automotive Core Supply, a scrap yard in Sylvester, but was told they didn't have it.  He said, "The next day, I went back with a Worth County Sheriff's Deputy and they told me the vehicle had been crushed that morning."

And all for a measly $170. That's what the person who sold it, a stranger and a thief to Grace, got for it. "I didn't know what to do."

He called police who arrested the people who wrongfully sold his car. District Attorney Greg Edwards is prosecuting the case.  He said, "That car has value. Both to the owner and to the person who wants to make money off it."

And he says if ACS continues to buy stolen cars, they too may be brought under prosecution. "Certainly after a point, it will be a situation where the salvage yard will be looked at more closely if it continues and precautions are not made to prevent this type situation. You just can't claim deliberate ignorance of certain criminal activity for so long."

We tried speaking to the manager of ACS Tuesday. But he was unavailable. Last week he told WALB he does what the law requires but planned to start doing even more to try to make sure people aren't selling him stolen cars.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says many of these cases appear to be crimes of opportunity. He says you should your car in a location where you can monitor it.

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