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Charity Lane will be here soon

January 31, 2003


Twenty-five Albany families will have new homes at the end of the year. Mission Outreach Centers and the city of Albany are building the Charity Lane Subdivision for low to moderate income families.

Albany City leaders and mission outreach center workers are breaking ground for what they call a long over due subdivision, Charity Lane. Rev. Jerry Cochran says more neighborhoods like this should be created to give more people opportunities to buy their first homes.

Centrail Miller says he 's always dreamed of owning a home, and when Charity Lane subdivision is completed, his dream will come true.

Miller says the city and mission outreach centers are not giving people hand out, instead they're giving hand ups, so more people can achieve the American dream.

He says not only are homes being build, but new seeds of hope and prosperity are being planted in many lives.

The Charity Lane Subdivision is scheduled to be completed at the end of the year. Mission Outreach workers say it will cost about 2.7 million dollars to complete the project. The subdivision is located off of South Madison Street in Albany.

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