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Dove season kicks off fall hunting in Georgia

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Saturday Dove hunters across Georgia pulled out their camo and ammo to kick off the start of fall hunting season in the peach state.

Friday more than 200 people stopped by Backwoods Outdoors to buy last minute hunting supplies. Employees say 95% of the people who came in walked out with a hunting license and equipment to hunt dove.

"We ran out of shotgun shells on the floor yesterday morning and we got some more shotgun shells in just in time and before they were even checked into inventory we were selling them out of the warehouse," said employee Austin Albright.

Employees stayed an hour late Friday night to prepare for the start of Dove hunting season which officially kicked off in Georgia Saturday at noon. It's a popular southern tradition, and for many it's become a much anticipated event.

"I like going out there for the excitement your always doing something when your dove hunting your not sitting there are always birds coming in you always have to be ready, said hunter Cameron Tompkins.

"lm real excited especially with my best friend coming home so I just hope we get to shoot some birds," said hunter Matt Bacon.

Dove is traditionally hunted over corn fields, peanut fields, wheat fields and wire grasses.

Hunters say the later season will be more popular for dove this year due to a late harvest.

"The corn harvest was late this year and messed up some of the dove hunts some of those have been postponed from what were hearing, I guess they'll shoot later this early season if not they'll have to catch up over the later season," said Austin.

If you do decide to go on a hunt, there are important safety tips you need to keep in mind.

"Let someone at all angles know where you are so when your picking up a bird you shot you don't want to walk out when other birds re flying over and you get shot yourself you know just let other people know what you are doing," said Austin.

Because of the heat, it is also imperative to wear light camouflage and keep yourself and your bird dog hydrated during the hunt.

The limit is 15 doves per hunter. If Doves aren't your thing, Georgia's deer hunting season for bow and arrow hunters opens Sept. 12 throughout the state, and starts on Oct. 17 for gun hunters.

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