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Arthur K. wants to run again, but can he?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A former Albany city commissioner, hoping to reclaim his seat, still owes the Internal Revenue Service close to $100,000 and may not be eligible to run in the election.

Arthur Williams served as Ward three commissioner for 22 years. He filled out paperwork to run for the seat Friday and hopes to face Christopher Pike who also qualified.

Arthur K. Williams, a once long time city commissioner, says he wants another go at the Ward three seat.  He said, "I'm returning because I see work undone. Talked to friends and constituents of Ward three and I was urged to run and I want to continue the plan that the present commission has been determined has been funded."

But his personal funds are in question. For 22 years Williams sat on the commission. Many of which were filled with financial trouble. He overspent his city travel and expense accounts and owed the IRS a hundred thousand dollars. Money he still owes today.

Even so, he says he wants to be at the helm of city government.  Williams said, "We have a great amount of work to do and I hope that and I know that with my constituents that we will network and bring it to the table and where Pontius Pilate sits. That's the Mayor and City commission."

But Christopher Pike hopes to defeat Williams in the election for the Ward three seat.  He said, "I think right now we're at a pivotal point. There's a lot of questions about the integrity of what's going on with our city, especially in this downtown area and we just need some new fresh people in there trying to promote and be progressive with the city."

And he says he's the man who can make that happen. "Just trying to create an environment in our community of progressiveness and bringing people together to do positive things," said Pike.

Other than Ward 3, Ward 5 will also be a contested election. Retired railroad executive Terry Hart is running against incumbent Bob Langstaff.

The elections Supervisor is in touch with the Secretary of State's office trying to figure out if Williams will be allowed to run. The election is non-partisan and will be held on November third.

Because she has no opposition, Dorothy Hubbard's name won't appear on the ballot and precincts in her ward (Ward 2) will not be open.

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