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Warning sirens added

January 30, 2003

Leesburg-- If you think you've heard loud sirens lately, you may be right, and that's a good thing. Police are testing the city's new weather warning sirens.

There are two sirens set up within city limits; one near the Lee County Elementary School. The sirens will be used to warn people about any inclement weather or other emergency situations.

The sirens sound six tones, each will have a different meaning. "Whenever we get the tones down pat, we will start trying out and let people know ahead of time what the meaning is," said Leesburg Police Chief Charles Moore. "A lot of people might not understand it but there is a different tone for different situations." People living within the City of Leesburg will be able to hear the bad weather sirens.

There are none set up in the County, although the system is equipped to add more sirens.

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