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Chehaw Park burns for a good reason

January 29, 2003

Albany- Chehaw is on fire, but for a good reason. Natural Resources Manager, Ben Kirkland, says controlled burns like this help protect the woodlands.

Kirkland adds, "It is the most important and feasible way of maintaining our woodland." He says these yearly burns are important because they help protect the park if a real fire occurs.

He says, "If a wildlife fire got started, there's very little chance any real danger would occur because we're ready for it all." He says he doesn't mind starting these fires because it's helping the wildlife, too.

"It's wonderful for wildlife. It keeps the plants low to where most of the wildlife can get to it.Kirkland when the flames and smoke clear, he takes pleasure in knowing, he is helping protect the environment.

Ben Kirkland says he does these control burns once a year. Remember, if you're going to burn outside, you'll need to get a burn permit and make sure you follow proper safety procedures.

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