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Another teen dies on Colquitt road

^ Mandy Jill Morris and Jeffrey Allen Newell ^ Mandy Jill Morris and Jeffrey Allen Newell
^ Mandy Jill Morris' car ^ Mandy Jill Morris' car
^ Mary Cannon ^ Mary Cannon

January 29, 2003

Colquitt County-- The rash of fatalities has concerned and puzzled residents. They say cars speed all the time around the sharp curve and something needs to be done.

Just Tuesday, one family buried a 19-year-old girl. Now another set of parents mourns the loss of their 16-year-old son. On the left side of Flo Alvarez's driveway, fresh markings in the dirt from the SUV of 16-year-old Chase Palmer of Sale City.

He died on the scene Wednesday morning. “He turned over several times because it kept going bam, bam, bam,” said Colquitt County resident Flo Alvarez.

On the right side of the driveway, fresh flowers left behind for 19-year-old Mandy Jill Morris. She died Saturday, only four days earlier. “My sister wrecked on the other side of the driveway and it killed her on the impact,” said Mary Cannon. “She lost control around the curve, she flipped her car hit tree and hit culvert, and she died on impact.”

22-year-old Mary Cannon heard about Palmer's fatal accident on Mill Pond Road, she's all too familiar with losing a loved one. “Because I know what the people are feeling, we just buried my sister yesterday.”

Morris' fiancé, 19-year-old Jeffrey Allen Newell, survived with a broken neck. Palmer's passenger, 16-year-old William Blackburn, also survived. “ It's very depressing, especially with teenagers both, put flowers out. It's very sad,” Alvarez said. “Something's gonna have to be done about this corner, I don't know what.”

The sharp curve on Mill Pond Road has a 45-mile per hour sign, but both drivers were speeding. Only a few hours after Palmer's accident, County engineers were taking pictures on the road. “ I guess they couldn't predict it, but I hope they don't wait until they have several more,” Alvarez said.

Meanwhile, two families will more the loss of their loved ones. “I've had a lot of support. I want the Palmer's to know if there's anything we can do,” Mary Cannon said. “We are there because we know what it's like. Hold on and be strong, he can never be hurt again.”

Two separate accidents, too many coincidences and we also told Palmer and Morris were friends. Chase Palmer was a student at Colquitt County High School. Palmer and his passenger were wearing seatbelts. Morris and her passenger were not.

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