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Albany National Guardsman stays ready if called

^ Bobby Carver ^ Bobby Carver

January 29, 2003

Albany -- More reservists and National Guardsmen are being called to active duty. Most of Southwest Georgia's Guardsmen have not been called, but say they are ready.

Bobby Carver is a medical assistant in Dr. Robert Glover's cardiology practice. Carver is also an E-4 specialist in the Army National Guard 121st Infantry Division. He, like most other Guardsmen he serves with here, have closely watched the military deployments of other Guard units.

Carver said "I get excited just as well because we may be called just as well, the closer units that get called around us."

Most of the Albany National Guard unit was deployed to Bosnia two years ago, and that will make them one of the last units to be called again this soon. But of course the 121st could be called any day, and Carver knows it.

Carver said "I signed my name to the dotted line, so I just do what I have to do with my unit, and just be proud to go." Carver has a wife and two young sons, ages 5 and 1. So the thought of war concerns him. But he does not regret his National Guard service. "I wanted to set an example for my boys, so they would have it as an option to serve their country and be a good citizen in the United States and the state of Georgia."

When Guardsmen are called to duty, their employers also face losing a valued employee. Dr. Glover says he backs Carver's service.

Dr. Glover said "In our countries time of need, we all must pitch in and do our part, like we have done previously."

Bobby Carver was deployed to Korea in 1991 and 1992. He knows he could be called to active duty again, and stands ready.

So far almost 95 thousand reservists and National Guardsmen have been called to active duty. That's the biggest deployment since the 1991 Gulf War.

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