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Farmers Almanac goes on sale September 8th

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For many people it's the most anticipated book release of the year.

No, it's not the latest mystery or romance novel, but The Farmer's Almanac.

And you can find out all kinds of things in it from what kind of weather to expect to the best time to plant your crops.

The Almanac has all sorts of great information in it and people read it for many different reasons.

Julia Roberts has been looking at the Farmer's Almanac for many years.

"All my life," she said.

So what does she use it for?

"For planting, and for the signs of the moon and stars," said Roberts.

For her, the Farmer's Almanac is a family tradition.

"My mama and them had them," said Roberts.

And while farmers and gardeners have relied on the Farmer's Almanac for years to determine when to plant, what do scientists think about it?

According to Woody Hicks of the Jones Ecological Research Center, "it's remarkable how accurate some of the predictions are that the Almanac makes."

Hicks says that the modern almanac uses a scientific approach and that it did a pretty good job last Winter.

"It kind of followed the weather pattern we saw. It did not predict the extremely heavy rains we saw in late March, early April," said Hicks.

So what's in the forecast for us this Winter?

Hicks said, "we're predicting typically a milder and wetter Winter than is normal for this region."

And that's due to one feature that has a great influence on our weather.

"This Summer we've been moving towards an El Nino type weather system," said Hicks.

In the end, both scientists and the general public are looking forward to the release of the Almanac. And from gardening and planting to fishing and forecasting, the almanac will continue to deliver the information that people use to plan their days ahead.

The 2010 Farmer's Almanac goes on sale on September 8th.

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