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Hands Across the Border returns

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

LAKE PARK, GA (WALB) -  You may notice extra law enforcers patrolling highways this week. Leading up to Labor Day Georgia agencies are teaming up with those in neighboring states to crack down on unsafe drivers.

Motorist Ron Cesarek says everyone should look out for one another when traveling this Labor Day weekend.  "Lord-willing, we don't lose too many people so let's watch the speed signs and let's be careful."

20 law enforcement agencies met at the Georgia Welcome Center in Lake Park today during their 18th annual Hands Across the border campaign ceremony to spread a highway message.

"We want to act as one team throughout both states to stop fatalities on our highway," said Powell Harrison, of the Ga. Office of Highway, Safety Coordinator.

The Florida DOT says the partnership with law enforcement around the South East is invaluable.

"With the unified effort it doesn't matter in the southeast where you're driving. You have to observe the posted speed limits you have to buckle up and you can't drive while impaired," said Randall Smith of the Florida DOT.

Georgia crash data shows Labor Day Weekend is a dangerous time to drive. The Georgia DOT says over 1,600 wrecks occurred over last year's Labor Day weekend. 19 people died and nearly 800 were injured.

"We tell everybody that we're coming. We go out and do a strict intense enforcement and then everybody sees us out there. We'd like to think it's successful," said Harrison.

Motorcyclists like "Hoop" Gillham want others to look out for them and the families they too carry with them. "Just like what you got in your car but they choose to ride on two wheels."

The Hands Across the Borders Campaign runs at the same time as Operation Zero Tolerance. Both Campaigns seek to keep the roads safe. Checkpoints will be set up across Georgia until the end of Labor Day weekend.

Law enforcers say two major contributors to fatalities are alcohol and not wearing seat belts. They urge you to buckle up and refrain from drinking and driving.

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