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Studl says he wants to start football team

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There's another sign that the South Georgia Wildcats may not play football in Albany next season. Former managing partner Mike Storen filed a lawsuit against Arena Management, claiming they owe him more than $250,000. 

Arena Management stopped making payments to Storen when former Wildcats General Manager Darren McPhail took another job.

If the Wildcats don't continue in Albany, that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be professional football at the Civic Center. Peter Studl is the largest property owner in downtown Albany. He's announced big plans downtown before that he hasn't necessarily followed through on. Now, he says he's planning to take on another challenge, an indoor football team.

While the future of the South Georgia Wildcats isn't clear, that doesn't mean indoor football won't take place at the Civic Center this fall.  Studl said, "The city deserves that football club, deserves an indoor football team."

And Peter Studl says he can help make that happen. Studl was one of the original owners of the South Georgia Wildcats, and says he can put another group together to make sure football stays in this arena.

 "I'm not trying to usurp the existing owner," he said, "but they haven't closed the deal and there's no reason for them not to have signed that contract. If they're going to do the deal and honor the commitments they've made to this town, then they should do it. Otherwise, here's another alternative."

Studl says he doesn't know what league his proposed team would be a part of, but he would be willing to work with any league that plays indoor football. Studl says he believes he'll have a firm offer on the table before the city within two weeks, but he's not the only interested party wanting to bring a football team in.

We hear other groups have been contacting the city since the Wildcats let their contract expire saying they want to make the Civic Center their football arena.

The Wildcats General Manager told us Thursday the team disagrees with Mike Storen over the amount they owe him. They offered to pay him a  $50,000 settlement, and say that lawsuit has nothing to do with whether the Wildcats continue to play in Albany next season.

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