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Should ADICA board be removed?

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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The chairman of the Dougherty County taxpayers Association says he's sending a petition to the Governor to have the entire Inner City Authority board removed.

Speaking before the Artesian City Sertoma Club Thursday afternoon, Richard Thomas says he believes the board is responsible for ADICA's financial trouble.

The city, which appoints board members, doesn't have the authority to remove them, but the governor does.

Thomas said, "They, as trustees, have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpaying public to oversee and perform how those monies are spent and they failed miserably. So we hold everyone of them culpable and accountable for it, some feel like with the proper evidence set forth the Governor will assist us in mandating their resignations from the board, if not force removal."

We left messages for every ADICA board member Thursday, other than LaJuana Woods, whose phone would not record messages. Only Jane Willson responded to our call.

She said she believes the ADICA board is a valuable group and needs to continue its mission, though she does plan to retire after her term ends later this year.

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